Versus Systems inc (OTC:VRSSF) software could allows video game publishers and developers to integrate prize-based matches into their games


The Company is developing a software platform that allows video game publishers and developers to offer prize-based matches and tournaments of their games. This proprietary technology is being integrated into select games that are planned to be in market in early 2017.

Company Website :

We’ve developed a white-label platform that allows video game publishers and developers to integrate prize-based matches into their games. We work behind the scenes to bring players the opportunity to play their favorite games for prizes they love – everything from downloadable content, to physical goods, to real money. We have multiple patent claims pending both in the US and internationally, covering player identification, match management, and prize distribution.

Players can play their favorite skill-based games on their console and PC – first person shooters, fighting games, sports games, real-time strategy games, multiplayer online battle arena (MOBAs), and many more – taking on the world, or just playing with friends. The Versus system allows players to participate in pay-to-play matches or sponsored tournaments, playing for downloadable content, physical goods, or even real money.

The secret is our proprietary “Conditional Prizing System.” In almost every case, we’re able to match a winning player’s characteristics with prizes that are legal in whatever jurisdiction they’re playing in – helping players to play for real stakes no matter where they’re playing from.

Players and spectators love competition. It’s more fun to play, and to watch, when something is on the line. Whether it’s the Olympics or board game with friends and family – people love a match that matters. Versus has built the platform that makes it possible and we look forward to playing with you.

Recent News ( January 19th 2017 ) :

Versus Systems, Inc. (CSE:VS)(CSE:VS.CN)(OTCQB:VRSSF)(FRANKFURT:BMVA) today announced that the company’s proprietary prizing platform will be integrated into Valhalla Games Studios International Ltd.’s “Devil’s Third Online™” (DTO), in development as a free-to-play (F2P) launch for PC.

The Versus prizing platform allows video game developers and publishers, as well as advertisers and brands, to provide in-game prizing to game players and spectators. Versus takes advantage of an eSports landscape that Deloitte Consulting expects to grow at a 94% CAGR through 2018, as well as an in-game advertising market that could reach over $7.5 Billion annually in the U.S. alone. Versus offers prizes to players based on their in-game achievements and behaviors – prizes including gear, apparel, cash, concert tickets, downloadable content (DLC), and more. DLC represents another high-growth opportunity for video games, generating over $30 Billion annually.

“We are thrilled that ‘Devil’s Third Online’ will be able to provide a totally different type of fun for our game players through our collaboration with Versus,” said Tomonobu Itagaki, Chief Technology Officer of Valhalla Games Studios International Ltd. “DTO players can look forward to reaping real rewards for their skills, including accessories and apparel from Han Cholo; gaming gear and collectibles from Tier 1; cash and more.”

“As evidenced by their work on ‘Dead or Alive’ and ‘Ninja Gaiden’, Valhalla founders Itagaki-san and Kanematsu-san are true pioneers when it comes to online multiplayer and tournament play. Their work is a huge part of the foundation on which today’s competitive eSports space was built,” said Matthew Pierce, CEO of Versus Systems, Inc. “Together, Valhalla and Versus will bring that excitement and prizing opportunity to players at home, expanding the DTO audience and extending the DTO user experience with fresh competitions and a limitless stream of post-launch, downloadable content and prizing.”

Pierce continued, “The Versus prizing platform is a solution for video game publishers and developers, as well as major brands eager to build lasting relationships with the powerful, $100B gaming audience of consumers. We have plans to integrate Versus into multiple video games across multiple genres and game platforms throughout 2017 and beyond.”

About “Devil’s Third Online”:
Through Valhalla Games Studios’ wholly-owned subsidiary, VN, Valhalla will release an MMO version of Devil’s Third on the PC, “Devil’s Third Online”, utilizing an in-game purchase revenue model. DTO is a large-scale game that features a permanent world that can support thousands of players interacting with each other in real time.

Valhalla Games Studios International Ltd., together with its subsidiaries mainly based in Japan and Korea, is an emerging global entertainment software and content creation company primarily engaged in the creation, development, co-development and operation of high quality interactive entertainment software in the form of video games, mobile applications and arcade machine content.

Versus Systems, Inc. features the company’s proprietary Conditional Prize Matching (CPM) system which identifies player characteristics, including age, location, and in-game behaviors and achievements. The Versus CPM then matches those characteristics to real-world prizes that gamers want. To learn more about Versus, see the website at, or watch their recent video on YouTube.


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